Solidarity With Hollywood Strike!

During the month of August, we're donating 50% of our profits from the sale of STRIKE! The Game Of Worker Rebellions towards the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike fund. CEOs think they can wait until people start losing their homes. 


STRIKE! is inspired by workplace organizing and workers taking on massive corporations. We are deeply inspired by the brave actions of writers and actors on the picket lines.


We're Donating 50% Of Profits From Strike In the Month Of August

Celebrate a worker rebellion—donate to the screen actors guild and writers guild—or buy Strike! and we will donate 50% of the profits to the strike funds. 


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Organize a STRIKE! Benefit Party

STRIKE! is a board game designed to inspire you to take action to support worker power. We invite you to hold your own game night in support of SAG-AFTRA and WGA. 


Raise money at the party and use STRIKE! as a way to start conversations about work place power. Let us know you're holding a benefit by tagging us on Instagram @TESACollective 

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