Space Cats Fight Fascism Expansion: Secret Meowssions (out of stock)

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Secret Meowssions is an expansion that adds new elements to the base game of Space Cats Fight Fascism, for those who want to extend their gameplay and strategize in new ways. In this expansion, cats will have additional missions that they have to complete, without the fascists finding out what you are up to! These meowssions will include freeing captured animals of the resistance, seizing a fascist space station, distributing food to hungry animals, and more. If the cats are able to complete these meowssions, they’ll get major rewards, such as gaining the support of local animals, new tools to fight the fascists, extra actions on your turn, and more. But if the fascists uncover your plans, there will be serious consequences...

Secret Meowssions comes with 3 limited-edition miniature wooden cat figures; who you must help navigate around the galaxy in order to complete their goals! 

This expansion also comes with two bonus Space Cat characters with unique paw-ers: Jasper and Pip. Pip's ability is Lunar Missions, which allows her to travel to moons and gain extra resources for the resistance. Jasper's ability is Laser Eyes, which allows him to smoother the fascist Rat Pack.

These two bonus characters are playable with both with the base game and with the Secret Meowssions Expansion!

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