Disarm the Base: An Anti-War Board Game (PRE-ORDER)
Disarm the Base: An Anti-War Board Game (PRE-ORDER)

Disarm the Base: An Anti-War Board Game (PRE-ORDER)

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IMPORTANT: Disarm the Base is currently a pre-order item. We expect to receive it in August. Any order that includes Disarm the Base will not ship until we receive the game. If you want to order other items that ship immediately, please order them separately. However, you can pre-order Disarm the Base now for a significant discount! 

Originally by Jessica Metheringham and Dissent Games, TESA has teamed up with Dissent games to publish an updated second edition of Disarm the Base! 

Welcome to the disarmament movement! Thank you for volunteering to save lives. Let’s get to work. 

Disarm the Base is about sneaking into a base to disarm war planes. It is loosely inspired by a number of real conflicts and real activists who are trying to spread an anti-war message. 

Disarm the Base is a quick, strategic, cooperative game: all players are on the same team. Players need to find and disarm 7 war planes on a base, both avoiding the guards and disarming all the planes before they're caught. The ultimate goal is for one of the players to escape the base with news of what you've accomplished, sending an anti-war message across the world. 

Play takes place on a game board representing the base. Tiles representing different war planes are randomly placed face down in hangars on the board. Each turn, players take up to three actions, which include moving around the base, playing cards from their hand, or giving or taking cards from each other.

Players need to move around the board, use a code card or a crowbar card to open a hangar, enter the hangar, use a code card or a bolt cutter card to disarm the plane, leave the hangar, find the rest of the planes, and finally get out of the base! Players don't know which hangars contain planes, and every plane differs.

At the end of each player's turn, the game responds by playing cards from the Guard deck. Guards will inspect hangars, turn on flood lights, and close gates. The result is a cat-and-mouse race against the clock. Players must disarm all six war planes and one player must reach the outside before the guard's suspicion level reaches 10!


  • 1 board
  • 4 player pieces
  • 7 guard pieces
  • 10 hangar tiles
  • 4 gate tiles
  • 4 flood light tiles
  • 1 banner tile
  • 5 unique player cards
  • 1 tool deck
  • 1 guard deck