Beautiful Trouble: A Strategy Card Deck
Beautiful Trouble: A Strategy Card Deck
Beautiful Trouble: A Strategy Card Deck
Beautiful Trouble: A Strategy Card Deck
Beautiful Trouble: A Strategy Card Deck
Beautiful Trouble: A Strategy Card Deck

Beautiful Trouble: A Strategy Card Deck

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Please note: TESA is not the publisher or creator of Beautiful Trouble; we are just distributing it. Half-game, half-activist toolkit, we think it is an incredible product and we're happy to help share it with the world!

“Elegant and incendiary.” —Naomi Klein

“A crucial resource for change-makers.” —Archbishop Desmond Tutu

The key strategies and tactics that have inspired centuries of people-powered victories are now in a deck of 100+ cards YOU can play!

Use this deck to get creatively unstuck, design an action that pops, flashcard your way through social movement history, learn & teach organizing, win grassroots victories, or just have fun staying up late with friends playing Cards for Humanity. 


  • 132 cards
    • 5 suits of cards: Tactics, Principles, Theories, Stories & Methodologies
    • Plus wild cards, eternal debate cards, game-play cards, and even three strategy cards to get your group’s strategic campaign planning process going!
  • Booklet

Everything you need to “think outside the box” is inside the box!

We hope this deck helps you tackle challenges you’re facing in your own life, community, or social change campaign.

Includes the new games: 

Cards for Humanity • Cardstorm! • Radical Charades • Design a Creative Action  • Divine the Future • Eternal Debates

Each card also includes a unique “pop-up code.” Use your smartphone camera to automatically pop up a link to the full version of each card in the Beautiful Trouble online toolbox.

A web of ideas

Every card in this deck is actually a chapter in Beautiful Trouble. You can read more about each card online or in the published books Beautiful Trouble and Beautiful Rising, written by over 170 grassroots activists from across 5 continents in 7 languages, and featuring notable movement strategists including Arundhati Roy, George Monbiot, Vijay Prasad, and Mark and Paul Engler.

How many people can play?

These games can be played solo, or by a group of friends, or at a workshop by many teams at once!

How long does it take to play?

Anywhere from 10 minutes to a lifetime!

What makes it a game?

You can use these activities as collaborative teaching tools or turn them into competitive games by keeping track of time, points, and winners.

What are the suits in the deck?

  • Tactics: Specific forms of creative action, such as a flash mob or blockade.
  • Principles: Hard-won insights that can guide or inform creative action design.
  • Theories: Big-picture concepts and ideas that help us understand how the world works and how we might go about changing it.
  • Stories: Accounts of memorable actions and campaigns, analysing what worked (or didn’t) and why. Useful for illustrating how principles, tactics, theories and methodologies can be successfully applied in practice.
  • Methodologies: Strategic frameworks and hands-on exercises to help you assess your situation and plan your campaign.
  • Debates: Eternal controversies (such as, change the world or change yourself?) that must be constantly wrestled with.

The Beautiful Trouble Card Deck is produced in the US by a worker-owned and unionized shop, using environmentally-friendly resources whenever possible.