Expansion Packs for Rise Up (Print-N-Play)

Expansion Packs for Rise Up (Print-N-Play)

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We’re proud to have created Rise Up: The Game of People & Power in a way that allows it to be adapted and expanded. These three expansion packs are add-ons to Rise Up. An expansion pack consists of extra game components that allow you to build onto the complete game you will already have. And because these expansion packs are downloadable only, you can print out as many copies as you want. All three expansion packs can be played with the standard and the simplified versions of the game.

Each of the expansion packs allows you to play the game in a new, unique way! They come in a single bundle, and you can get them all for $5!

Expansion Pack #1: Hidden Agendas. This expansion pack is for those who want to spice up their cooperative game with some competition. With the Hidden Agendas expansion pack, some players can lose while others can win. Each player has their own hidden goal that they have to accomplish by the end of the game, which will cause tensions between the players’ common goals. And watch out for cards from the "Strife Deck," which will sow tension and turmoil into your movement. 

Expansion Pack #2: Shock to the System. This expansion pack is for those that are ready for an additional challenge. In Rise Up, the System reacts as your movement gains power. Shock to the System offers additional decks of cards that ramp up the strength of the system's reactions with new major events and game mechanics, which will force players to strategize in unique ways.

Expansion Pack #3: Dystopian Futures. This expansion pack sets Rise Up in an uncertain future. It comes with new ability cards, story cards, and game mechanics designed to fit this theme. Players will have to confront an oppressive system set in a frightening, but not altogether unimaginable, future. 

Please note: These expansion packs will be delivered to you via e-mail, as they are digital downloads. Please allow for up to a few business days to receive this email. 

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