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From the publisher:

CIVIO is a strategy card game that explores the relationship of issues, freedoms, laws, and Supreme Court cases that have both strengthened and reduced civil rights and civil liberties. The beautifully illustrated cards also make a useful review tool for landmark Supreme Court decisions.

Are you looking for that perfect gift for a teacher, an AP Civics student, someone heading off to law school, a social or political activist, or maybe just someone who loves playing card games? CIVIO makes the perfect gift.

Easy to Play: Each player starts as an intern at a law firm specializing in civil rights. Using a handful of cards representing laws, Supreme Court decisions, constitutional amendments, key issues, rights and freedoms, players race to combine these cards into precedents.

TEACHER APPROVED! Carol Drace, a middle-school teacher in San Carlos noted: 'No one wanted to quit playing when our time was up!'

CIVIO comes with a deck of 78 cards, each beautifully and uniquely illustrated, 4 blank case cards for customizing the game, and an instruction booklet that teaches one version of the game. The game is manufactured and assembled with social, economic, and environmental justice in mind, by a worker-owned (and union-labor) cooperative using recycled paper and soy-based ink.

CIVIO is a game by Reach & Teach games, which TESA is distributing.

CIVIO is for 2 - 4 players, 13 years and up.

Note: TESA is not the creator or publisher of this game, we are just distributing it.